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Director - Rotimi Rainwater

8,5 / 10

Lost in America is a feature documentary on the issue of youth homelessness in America, following director Rotimi Rainwater, a former homeless youth, and his team as they travel the country to shine a light on the epidemic of youth homelessness- highlighting issues like: human trafficking, the foster care system, youth rejected because of their sexuality, domestic violence, abuse, and more. It also examines what many organizations, politicians and other public figures are doing (or not doing) to help these youth. Featuring interviews with Jewel (executive producer), Rosario Dawson (executive producer), Jon Bon Jovi, Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan and others, the project has captured the attention of dozens of organizations and members of Congress that have since become involved. In addition, the upcoming film campaign has been sponsored by the organization Sands Cares, Las Vegas Sands' giving program. More than a film, Lost in America is a movement. It started with one man's journey to shine a light on the realities of youth living on the streets. Then, a group of filmmakers formed a team dedicated to telling the story of this important journey. Now, this movement is spreading across the country to thousands who are standing with the film to make sure homeless youth are no longer - lost in America

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GET OUT OF MY HEAD STEVE CARELL. Why him brought me here :D. Movie watch lost in america video. Movie watch lost in america 2017. Movie Watch Lost in. Movie watch lost in america online. Best Alice Cooper video ever. That moment when you realize Alice Cooper probably did the movie as long as the movie paid to produce this music video. Movie Watch Lost in america.

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I agree with mark syemore... ive wanted alice to be my dad since I was like 7or 8. Movie watch lost in america 2. Never knew he did this song. No rock singer looks better than Alice Cooper in black leather. The music in the background in the first 15 seconds reminds me The Terminator (1984) sound, especially when the T-800 approach.

Dammit they cut out the scene where Alice spits blood on the screen. This song was recorded by Bon Jovi in 1987/1988. Finally it wasn't included in New Jersey and then they give this song to Alice Cooper. Movie watch lost in america trailer. MOVIES 6:17 AM PDT 3/15/2018 by Photofest Julie Hagerty and Albert Brooks in 1985's 'Lost in America' Too often, things are simply too painfully accurate to be particularly funny. On March 15, 1985, Albert Brooks unveiled his R-rated, dark road-trip comedy Lost in America in theaters. The Hollywood Reporter's original review of the Warner Bros. film is below. Lost in America  faces an uphill route to its box-office destination. Former  Saturday Night Live  filmmaker Albert Brooks’ third feature (after  Real Life  and  Modern Romance) is a wry satire of modern-day social malaise, but the deadpan cerebral humor of this Geffen Co. release through Warner Bros. is likely to leave most audiences waiting for the punch line. Brooks (who co-authored the script with partner Monica Johnson) and  Airplane ’s Julie Hagerty play a bored, well-to-do Los Angeles couple who impulsively trade in their Mercedes for a motor home and embark on a journey of self-discovery a la  Easy Rider. But their odyssey, which begins with wifey sacrificing the family’s entire nest egg to a Vegas roulette wheel and terminates in a windswept Arizona trailer park, soon comes to more closely resemble an upper-tax-bracket edition of  National Lampoon’s Vacation. The difference — and the problem — is that Brooks’ movie is often too realistic for its own good. His antiseptic visuals, which perfectly convey the characters’ vapid environments, have an almost harrowing believability. Eric Saarinen’s unobtrusive location photography and the casting of unfamiliar faces in supporting roles (including producer Garry Marshall in a convincing cameo as a casino pit boss) further reinforce the picture’s unnerving documentary quality. Too often, things are simply too painfully accurate to be particularly funny. Still, it’s hard to fault Brooks’ resolutely adult intelligence, and Lost in America  — almost in spite of itself, really — is easily his most consistently amusing work to date. The director’s own rather bland screen persona, in most cases a hindrance, here works to particularly identifiable advantage. Indeed the movie’s comic highlights derive from Brooks’ periodic losses of equanimity, outbursts of righteous indignation that demonstrate an uproarious mastery of the slow-burn principle. Brooks has additionally been well served by a capable crew — cinematographer Saarinen, editor David Finfer, production designer Richard Sawyer, composer Arthur Rubinstein — who lends his efforts considerable polish. The filmmakers’ greatest asset, however, is Hagerty. Discarding her customary winsomeness, she imbues an unattractively written role with a sort of tarnished naivete that is perhaps the happiest find of this Lost in America.  — Kirk Ellis, originally published on Feb. 13, 1985.

Movie watch lost in america youtube. Movie watch lost in america tv. Movie Watch Lost in america army. ❤️ Be a part of our pop community - sign up to our newsletter: 🎶 Listen to our Pop Playlist:... Listen on Spotify, Apple Music and more: Subscribe to Daniel Kadawatha: ✅ Subscribe to our channel for more music: LYRICS: Speak with clarity ‘Cause there’s too much noise around us Or maybe it’s just me, mmm There’s trash out in the sea, yeah But I’m just too dry to reach it So speak sincerely, ah, mmm ‘Cause I’m still waiting, yeah For you to come around and save me (Ooh-ah-ah), will you stay with me? (Ooh-ah-ah), I’m lost here in America (Ooh-ah-ah), will you stay with me now? ‘Cause I’m lost here in America Stay with me I’m lost here in America Stay with me now ‘Cause I’m lost here in America (So I crawl into the underground) Do you find it hard to breathe ‘Cause there’s too much dust in the air And we can’t reverse the wheel, mmm ‘Cause I’ve found when I’ve searched around lately All the world seems to be the same There’s only room for the privileged and sacred, yeah, ooh Everyone’s too braindead (Ooh-ah-ah), will you stay with me? (Ooh-ah-ah), I’m lost here in America (Ooh-ah-ah), will you stay with me now? ‘Cause I’m lost here in America Stay with me I’m lost here in America Stay with me now ‘Cause I’m lost here in America, ooh yeah Wide awake in an alien world, alien world Wide awake but I’m still the unheard, still the unheard of (I’m still waiting for you) Wide awake in an alien world Where I’m still waiting I’m still waiting for you Wide awake but I’m still the unheard of I’m still the unheard of Ooh Will you stay with me? Ooh I’m lost here in America, here in America Will you stay with me now? ‘Cause I’m lost here in America (I’m still waiting) Stay with me (I’m still waiting) I’m lost here in America (I’m still waiting for you) Stay with me now ‘Cause I’m lost here in America (So I crawled into the underground) Follow Daniel Kadawatha on social media: Facebook: Instagram:... Twitter: Use this track in your videos: Be inspired: Follow Epidemic Sound: Spotify:... Itunes:... Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Playlists Trending Pop:... Feelgood Youtube Pop:... 🎶 Use this song in your videos:... #epidemicpop #ESmusic 🎵 Download the track of the month:...

Love's A Loaded Gun Somebody saw you at the station You had your suitcase in your hand You didn't give no information You walked off with another man I'm always standing in the shadows, baby I watched you give yourself away You take them home into your bedroom You had another busy day I tried to look the other way and fake it You push me to the limits I can't take it.

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Seen Alice Cooper in concert November 5 2014 with a friend and had a wonderful time at that concert. Laughed when it pissed off my ex husband. It seems to lack something on first viewing--where's the third act, anyway? --but Albert Brooks's Lost in America is one of those movies that people keep quoting to each other long after they've seen it. And no one has come up with a more incisive look at the phenomenon of the '80s yuppie, a figure toward whom Brooks manages to aim both his satire and his sympathy. The bushy-haired, tightly-wound actor plays a well-paid L. A. executive who quits his job in a fit of pique when he fails to land a promotion. Armed with their savings, he and the wife (Julie Hagerty) buy a Winnebago and hit the road; they're going to search for America and find themselves. Right. They get as far as Las Vegas, where Hagerty has a little problem at the gaming tables. Brooks's rant on the concept of "the nest-egg" goes right into the comedy hall of fame, and his scene with a casino manager (Garry Marshall, underplaying beautifully) is a masterpiece of wheedling desperation. Somehow amidst the comedy, Brooks captures the panic beneath the upwardly-mobile go-go American guy, circa 1985. The open road will never be the same. --Robert Horton Production: Warner Bros. Pictures 1 win & 1 nomination. IMDB: 7. 1 Metacritic: 76 Rotten Tomatoes: 97% R (Restricted) Year: 1985 91 960 Views Share your thoughts on Lost in America's quotes with the community: Quote of the Day Today's Quote  |  Archive Would you like us to send you a FREE inspiring quote delivered to your inbox daily? Citation Use the citation below to add this movie page to your bibliography: Know another quote from Lost in America? Don't let people miss on a great quote from the "Lost in America" movie - add it here! Our favorite collection of Famous Movies ».

Movie watch lost in america cast. Alice is so him forever❤. My favorite Pittsburgh band.  In case anyone cares (and you should) Bill Deasy (singer, songwriter) has written three excellent novels, The Finbar Trilogy (Ghost Tree, Ransom Seaborn, and Traveling Clothes. Movie Watch Lost int. american airlines.




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